We bet on the local natural spa sources, whose effects we are still improving. CARL’S cosmetics products use the power of nature and findings from modern scientific fields such as cosmetology, balneology, chemistry and pharmaceutics. We are a Czech cosmetics brand, drawing on experience from two decades of cooperation with leading local and foreign spas. Our clients appreciate that our products meet the daily challenges that our modern lifestyle presents for our skin. The natural active ingredients provide the skin with necessary minerals, hydration and other substances that together actively help to keep the skin looking healthy and protect it against various harmful effects of the environment. The effectiveness and quality of our products have always been of the upmost importance to us, therefore we design our products so that they are comparable to leading products produced worldwide. The choice of effective active ingredients, as well as their exact and sufficient dosage and sophisticated manufacturing processes, makes this possible Our products are strictly inspected and evaluated according to the laws of the EU, they have certificates and confirmations of having no microbiological or dermatological defects. The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic inspects the correct use of natural healing sources. During the production and development of new recipes, we use knowledge from our balneologists and the latest scientific findings. WE DO NOT USE ingredients that can pose a health hazard for users or ingredients with a potential health hazard that has not yet been proven by professionals. There are no parabens in our products. There are also no free dioxins, ethylene oxide, or ethanolamines. Nature has endowed us with very powerful tools for our work. Our mission is to bring you true beauty from the spa in harmony with nature.